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GTHS Episode 12: Canada Deep Volume 3
November 12, 2012 05:39 PM PST
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With Canada Deep: Volume 3, the Got Ta Have Soul podcast returns to the often-overlooked world of Canadian jazz. Like its predecessors, this latest volume of Canada Deep covers a range of styles in the genre, performed by some of Canada’s finest musicians, including Brian Browne, the late Nick Ayoub (whose sax playing features on Lacombe’s Plateau Mambo, a tune written by Ayoub), and Joe Sealy. Few, if any, of the songs featured in this podcast have been reissued.

Again, like its predecessors, this volume of Canada Deep is heavily reliant on recordings made by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). These recordings were generally limited to distribution for radio play on CBC radio networks. As a result, these records are relatively rare, meaning that few people outside of collector’s circles have heard what amounts to a significant share of Canadian jazz recordings from the 1950s through to the early 1980s. That being said, the two Ready or Not compilations (Do Right!) delve pretty deeply into the CBC archives whilst the widely-respected Psyquébélique music blog is, amongst things, an excellent source of information about jazz recordings from Québec.

Of the 14 tracks featured in this podcast, I’d like to highlight two in particular. The first, Bad Burn in Poteau, is taken from ‘Celebration’ an lp released by the Saskatchewan Arts board in 1980 to celebrate the province’s 75th anniversary. According to the liner notes, the two touring bands included on the lp were comprised of music students aged 15 to 21. Band 1 are responsible for the slightly bonkers jazz-funk big band sound on this track. Highlights include a trumpet section who almost seem to gallop away from the sax section at several points and an unexpected drum break from Barry Weafer.

The second track I’d like to highlight is perhaps equally bonkers to the first, but for a different reason. Pacific Salt alumni Ron Johnston takes a downtempo soulful approach on Hey Joe –until the last two minutes or so when he starts applying an Echolette effects unit, transforming this polite little number into a psych-jazz freak out. Or something.


Next episode: GTHS’ top tunes in 2012.


1. The Brian Browne Trio – Happy Little Mothers
2. The Carol Britto Trio – Karenetta
3. Jean Cousineau (arr. Francois Cousineau) – Ronde Numero Deux
4. Buck Lacombe Jazz Ensemble –Plateau Mambo
5. Jerry De Villiers Trio – Sunday Morning
6. Emile Normand – Senor Blues
7. Jane Fair Jazz Quintet – Il s’en vient le spectacle
8. Kathyrn Moses – Touch Me
9. Vic Angelillo (Henri Hamel) – Complicité
10. ‘Celebration’ (Band 1) – Bad Burn in Poteau
11. Doug Wilde –Our Man In Havana
12. Joe Sealy – Espresso
13. Pacific Salt – North Bluff Stomp
14. The Ron Johnson Trio – Hey Joe

GTHS Episode 11: Back on the decks
September 30, 2012 02:11 PM PDT
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It's been roughly one year and seven months since the last Got Ta Have Soul Podcast.

I've been a little busy.

In short, now that the process of moving from London to Helsinki is over, and my record collection is out of storage, Got Ta Have Soul is back.

I didn't assemble Episode 11 with a unifying theme in mind, though you're welcome to assign it one, if you wish. If pressed, I suppose I could say that a number of tracks -'Fly Like an Eagle', 'Jimmy Jean' and 'Whenever You're Ready', for instance - remind me of my early childhood. More precisely, while I don't recall these particular songs from my childhood (apart from Miller's contribution), the instrumentation and production styles they feature bring to mind the landscapes and soundscapes of that era.

I hope you enjoy the podcast. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Steve Miller – Fly Like an Eagle
2. José Feliciano – Hard Times in El Barrio
3. Ellen McIlwaine – Jimmy Jean
4. Kenny Rankin – In The Name of Love
5. Novi Singers – Five , Four, Three
6. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Whenever You’re Ready
7. El Chicano – Ron Con-Con
8. Quarteto Em Cy – Salve O Verde
9. MPB4 – Agiboré
10. Dr. Music – Sun Goes By
11. Joyce Cotton – Try It, You’ll Like It
12. Howard Tate – That’s What Happens
13. Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents – Dynamite Party
14. Wisdom – Nefertiti
15. Yambú – College Composition

Next episode: Canada Deep, Volume 3 -more deep Canadian jazz...

Episode 10: GTHS presents - Canada Deep Volume 2
March 27, 2011 05:49 PM PDT
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Things have been pretty hectic around here for the last couple of months -hence the delay in posting the second GTHS episode of 2011.

Episode 10 is a special one, as it is the follow-up to GTHS Episode 1 - Canada Deep Volume 1. To date, the latter remains the most played GTHS episode. I hope that Episode 10's blend of jazz flavours -modal, spiritual, latin, funky, swinging & more - will please GTHS listeners just as much.

This episode is dedicated to the many unsung Canadian jazz musicians whose music has always deserved to be heard by a much wider audience -particularly those like the late Nick Ayoub who died before most jazz headz had ever heard of him (do pick up the legit reissue of Ayoub's The Montreal Scene).

A special shout out goes to DJ Chile (Jazzadelica), Zeljko Kerleta (The Return Of Gagarin), Welson Creep (Shook magazine) and Mambo Matt (Go Gorilla Go! & Shake It Up Club Sessions) who love their jazz deep -as deep as snow in a Canadian blizzard.

Episode 10: The Tracklisting

1. Yolanda Lisi – Trente-Neuf De Fièvre
2. The Norman Amadio Trio – Taboo
3. Stéphane Venne – Cent Degrès À L’Ombre
4. Hagood Hardy – Feelin’ Good
5. Paul De Margerie Septet – Fantasie Impromptue
6. Lee Gagnon Quartet – Impressions Discotheque
7. Stéphanie – Avant Le Jazz
8. Bernie Senensky – Beloved Gift
9. Ron Proby – Nile Lady
10. The Nick Ayoub Jazz Quintet – Desert Boots
11. Pacific Salt – Poco-A-Poco
12. Alexander Zonjic – Joy
13. Elmo Whigget – 3:00 A.M.
14. The Canadian All Stars – Suite Fortune
15. McGill Jazz Band – First Thing I Do

GTHS Episode 9: The New Year Mix 2011
January 03, 2011 05:48 AM PST
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Happy New Year from Got Ta Have Soul!

This month I've trawled my shelves and pulled out a stack of headnodders, heartbreakers and dance-floor burners and blended them into a post-Christmas holiday hangover remedy. It's designed to withstand the stresses and strains of the winter blues. I recommend repeated listens.

I'd also like to welcome all of you listening in China, Indonesia and Taiwan -it's great to see the Far East lighting up the map!

And for those of you in or around London, don't forget to check out Shake It Up! at The Bowery - a night of funk, soul, latin, boogie, afrobeat and other get-down sounds from Then and Now! Join the ShakeItUp group on Facebook for more info (see my links).

Finally, a big thank you to Welson Creep (check his writing in Shook magazine, including a forthcoming interview with Keith Mansfield!) for loaning me a decent sound card -the drone of low-level feedback has finally been banished from GTHS!

Episode 9: The Tracklisting:

1. Willie Hutch – Theme of Foxy Brown
2. Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street (Instrumental)
3. Isaac Hayes – Red Rooster
4. Alan Tew – The Fence
5. Johnny Bristol – Lusty Lady
6. Gloria Scott – Just As Long As We’re Together
7. Lou Courtney – What Do You Want Me To Do
8. Donny Hathaway – Flying Easy
9. Helio Matheus – Briguenta
10. Gal Costa – Vou Recomeçar
11. Elis Regina – Mundo Deserto
12. Jose Feliciano – Hitchcock Railway
13. Tim Stevens – Whose Side Are You On
14. Jackie Lee – You Were Searching For A Love
15. The Undisputed Truth – Mama I Gotta Brand New Thing
16. The Nite-Liters – Serenade For A Jive Turkey
17. Labi Siffre – (Just) A Little More Line

Episode 3 Got Ta Have Soul Sessions feat. Arkestra One
November 25, 2009 06:01 PM PST
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GTHS presents a top-notch mix from Arkestra One. In Arkestra's own words, his mix consists of 'some nice tunes I've been digging a lot lately'.

We hope you dig them too:

Episode 3 Tracklisting:

1) The Raah project - All of Your Things 

2) Love Unlimited Orchestra - Whisper Softly 

3) Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone - Stop Fooling Yourself

4) Novi Singers - Fiesta 

5) Linda Williams - Elevate Our Minds 

6) John Robinson feat. Renee Neufville - The Genesis

7) Jazz Liberatorz - Ease my mind (ft. Tre Hardson Fat lip Omni)

8) De La Soul ft. Common - The Bizness

9) Mood - Secret of the Sand

10) Exile - The Sound is God 

11) Bibio - Jealous of Roses 

12) Bobby Hutcherson - Family Affair 

13) Maxayn - Bail out 

14) Expo 80 - Rolling Space

15) Stelvio Cipriani - Marys Theme

16) Scott Walker - Boychild

17) Billy Holiday - Speak Low

18) Auracle - Honey 

19) Big Pimp Jones - Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder
20 Roger and the Human Body - Freedom (part 1)

21) Earth Wind and Fire - Runnin' (Danny Krivit re-edit)

If you like what you hear, remember that Got Ta Have Soul sessions take place:

Fri & Sat, 7-11pm at THE NORTH STAR pub, 43 The Broadway Ealing., LONDON, UK.
(Central Line)


Saturdays 8-11pm at The Goldhawk Pub
122 Goldhawk Rd, London, W12 8HH
Closest tube: Goldhawk Road (Hammersmith & Cityline)

Join our Got Ta Have Soul group on Facebook to find out who's on deck!

Episode 2 - Got Ta Have Soul Session feat. Pierre C
September 20, 2009 05:50 PM PDT
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This episode features a selection of tracks that have made their way into my sets at Got Ta Have Soul over the last year or so, covering 70's Soul and Funk (including two of my favourite soundtrack numbers), Chicano Rock, Salsa and Samba. If you've never been to one of our sessions, consider this an introduction...and here's the track listing:

Got Ta Have Soul Sessions feat. Pierre C

1. Johnny Pate – You Can’t Even Walk In The Park
2. Sapo – Been Had
3. Jose Féliciano – Hard Times In El Barrio
4. Mikis Theodorakis – On The Streets
5. Soulful Strings – The Voices Inside
6. Larry Saunders – Story Of My Love
7. Ann Bailey –Sweeping Your Dirt Under My Rug
8. Maurice and Mac – Use That Good Thing
9. Vicki Anderson – Answer To Mother Popcorn
10. Jimmy ‘Okera’ Hightower – Black Man (Take A Stand)
11. Pazant Brothers –Chick A Boom
12. Pete & Louie – Joe Gaines Express
13. Ismael Rivera Con Cortijo Y Su Combo – Simbad El Marino
14. Chirinco - Chirinco
15. MBP4 – O Cafona
16. Toquinho – Carolina Carol Bela

Episode 1 Got Ta Have Soul Presents: Canada Deep Vol. 1
July 14, 2009 03:29 PM PDT
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Fifteen of the deepest Canadian jazz cuts, culled from dj pierre c's library. Trainspotter info: none of these tracks have been featured on the Ready or Not lps (Do Right) although some of them are CBC recordings.

Respect and thanks to the djs, dealers and collectors who have fed my passion for Canadian rareties.

A special nod to Waxing Deep's Dan Zacks and Montreal's own Nick Osicka.

UPDATE August 11, 2009: The Tracklisting

Neil Chotem and his Orchestra - Lache-Moi Donc
Christine Charbonneau - L'Enfer
Francois Dompierre - Mais qu'est-ce que je fais?
The Al Baculis Singers - I'm Gonna Go Fishin'
Marie Savard - J'arrive
Pierre Leduc - Joshua
Jerry De Villiers et son Jazz Quartet - Bib and I
Nick Ayoub - Montréal Est
Lee Gagnon - Autoroute
Al Michalek - Sunscape
Jimmy Namaro - Afro-Rock
Lee Gagnon - Au chant de l'alouette
Mike Taylor and Company - Brute Force
The Ted Moses Quintet - More Than Ever
Moreen Meriden - Caught in a Fever